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  • Monthly Support 100€

    Merci pour ce soutien formidable mensuel, qui permettra à Edouard de profiter d’un plein de gasoil afin de parcourir encore des kilomètres. C’est extrêmement touchant

    100,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 80€

    With this support, you allow us to make the tier of diesel for Edouard the motorhome and thus allow us to travel a little over 500 km to make…

    80,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 50 €

    With this support, you allow us to fill up a half tank of gas in our motorhome and allow us to travel 250 km!

    50,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 40€

    A monthly support of 40€ allows us to fill our gas bottle, allowing us to operate the heating, the stove and the fridge for around 15-20 days.

    40,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 30€

    Do you want to support us monthly?
    With 30€, or a safe service area! And thus be able to avoid spending a night in a parking lot

    30,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 20€

    Do you want to support the adventure monthly?
    You can make a recurring donation of €20 here, for this sum you will allow us to wash our motorhome (washing, vacuuming)

    20,00  Sustain
  • Monthly Support 10€

    Do you want to support our adventure with 10€?
    This makes it possible to do laundry in a laundromat to keep our laundry clean!

    10,00  Sustain
  • Monthly support 5€

    You want to support the adventure, with 5€ monthly you offer us a water tank filling per month

    5,00  Sustain